Literacy Life

Reading, Writing and the pursuit of thinner thighs

752, 333. 72

on November 16, 2012

Miles, 752. Room number 333. Coffee in ounces 72. It is Thursday and by Friday’s end I will have logged over a thousand miles this week alone. Tonight I only have to recall one digit to figure out my room number. In a hotel with three floors, the odds are on my side. Somehow I manage to convince myself that 72 ounces of coffee in one day isn’t all that bad, if I’m washing my kidneys out with 100 ounces of water. My thighs disagree.

My hope, as I embark into the world of blogging, is to create a little record of my time here on earth. This blogging record may have tidbits of my experience as a literacy leader, exploits of my life on the road and, of course, my meager attempt at humor.

I am a trainer for Missouri Reading Initiative. It is my dream job. I travel the state providing professional development in schools to some amazing teachers. I do make candid jokes related to life on the road, but I truly appreciate everyday that God gives me to log another mile. I hope that I can use this forum to pass along some tools of the trade that help me and my teachers.

Being a business traveler allows one to witness crazy, scary, interesting and just plain weird STUFF. Somedays I am amazed and others I just shake my head. One of the hardest parts of being a business traveler for me, possibly because I suffer from numerophobia, is the sea of numbers passing through my senses. The number list is unending; miles, highways, hotel rooms.

My coffee intake started out as a morning routine. As I get older and the days become difficult, I find myself reaching for my warm, toasty treat. This treat has turned into a trick. A thunder thigh trick. Maybe the next post should include a “How to tone your thighs” list. We’ll see.

Next time, “Keeping Track of Your Reading Conferences Electronically”


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