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Origami Bookmarks!

on March 25, 2013

Here in Missouri – Today is a snow day! Yes check the date, it’s March 25 and St. Louis received up to 13 inches of snow in some places.


I am on assignment for one of my school sites and found myself passing time at a Comfort Inn…huge pun waiting to be used, but I’ll pass. While I did get a suite upgrade when I checked in, sitting around a hotel isn’t as much as fun as it sounds.

So how to pass the time? Pinterest – Girl! So one of the latest pins I found was here. The cutest little monster bookmarks ever. Immediately I had to try my hand at these with more of a modern touch. So a quick little trip to a craft store for some mod scrapbook paper and I was in business. I am so pleased and can’t wait to let my teachers make their own tomorrow. (of course I got extra paper for them)




I’m already thinking of ways to incorporate these into my classroom next year.

  • Start date/end date
  • Collection of favorite line or words
  • Recommendation notes
  • 5 star rating

It seems as though the ideas are endless. I don’t want “fun” bookmarks to turn into work (i.e. list above) however I think it could be a unique way to keep track of quick reading stuff.




So if any of you have a creative use of bookmarks, I’d love to hear about it.


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