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Twas’ the night before school starts…

on August 13, 2013

It seems as though the last few weeks have gone by in a flash. Where did all that prep time go? I’ve been working non-stop transforming my sterile white room into a comfortable soothing literacy lounge. I shared my planning and thinking about my room in the last post. I am extremely happy about the way it turned out. There are a few pieces that I haven’t been able to finish (family emergency…more about that later) but we can start school without them. Maybe it will even be fun for the kids to have some new pieces as the year goes on. So without further adieu, here are the pictures.



Since I took this picture, I have moved the UGLY cords hanging from the ceiling. They have been dropped and tucked behind the curtains. One of the pieces that didn’t get finished was the black space above the futon. I have black shelves to hang so I can display front facing books. I hope to get those finished this next weekend. Oh the curtains you say…I have to say I am so happy with this idea. Here is a better picture of them.



Here is our meeting area! Remember,  I have an inside room with no windows. So our projector/smartboard will serve as our window to the world. I took some pinterest ideas and turned book shelves on their sides to provide big kid seating. The U shape has a carpet in the middle for some floor seating. I think we’ll have lots of great mini lessons in this gathering space.  The chart frames hold entire tablets that allow me to build anchor charts. (I asked the custodians to put screws in the wall to hold the entire tablet)



I am a reading teacher. I didn’t want a reading nook in the classroom, I wanted the classroom to be the reading nook. I’ve tried my best to surround the classroom with books and cozy reading spaces. I had a goal of collecting 1,000 titles before school started and I came close with 740. I hope that over time, the library will grow and we’ll have way more than 1,000. Access to text drives my need to have a large classroom library, but I will save that idea for a post of its own.



My space is small and at the back of the room. The room is not mine, its for the students. Enough said.





This is one of my favorite walls. I used black duct tape to make the frames on the wall to keep our hanging charts neat and organized. The file cabinet is one of those pieces that I ran out of time to do, but will make for a fun addition later.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little peak around my room. I’d love to hear your input.



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