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1 Author talk and a stack of books later…

on August 29, 2013

I had not decided what to blog about this week, but after my 2nd hour reading I knew what I had to share. 

Today’s lesson was “How do readers choose books?”. This isn’t an abnormal lesson by any means (I’m sure you’re all in the middle of your book shopping lessons now too). However, it was in the middle of this lesson that I happened upon a hot button with my second hour class. Before the hot button, a little background on the class. 

They are actually my first class of the day since first hour is my prep. It’s my largest class, boys are 3:1 girls and they are very chatty. I love them dearly but sometimes our lessons are a struggle. 

Now back to the lesson. I had several books chosen to show examples of the book shopping strategies. One was the Avi tub to show how having favorite authors can help  us choose books. I showed a couple of my favorite Avi books, showed a couple of his that would work in our 40 book challenge for historical fiction, and showed one that was on my to-read list. I continued the lesson, showing examples of other book shopping strategies. 

During independent work time, I looked up and had a line of kids at the iPad waiting to check out books. In fact, time ran out and I discovered a present on my desk.


I mean seriously, isn’t this the best little gift ever? A stack of books students want to check out! I had to snap a -quick, terrible lighting, on my phone- pic. It was precious. 

So my wise blogdum wisdom. Talk to your kids about books. Share your reader’s heart with them. They’re listening even when you think they’re not. Require them to read, but treat them like real readers. Don’t give them fake reading teaching, they deserve more. 

Note: I forgot to snag a picture of the book shopping flow chart, but will do that first thing in the morning and add it later.

Happy Hump Day!




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